The Spring 2017 Newsletter is available by clicking here. Our newsletter is full of helpful information.  It includes a message from 2017-2018 President of PAAS, Edwyn L. Boyd, M.D.  There are highlights from the 2017 Training Course & Seminar.  It includes the Preliminary Program for the 2017 Summer Training Course to be held at the Westin Riverwalk in San Antonio on August 17-18, 2017.  Information about the President’s Circle is also included in the newsletter.

At our Summer Training Course, our focus will be to train those family care and inter-specialty physicians and healthcare personnel who intend to add allergy to their practices.  After learning the basics of diagnosis and treatment of inhalant allergies with training in the use of MultiTest attendees will be ready to implement proven scientific techniques in allergy for the ultimate benefit of your patients.  Seasoned physicians and nurses will be on hand to answer questions, and exhibitors will be present to help you with your practice needs.  Here are highlights of the course:

* Diagnosis and treatment of Inhalant Allergy – Thursday

* Use of Multiple Allergen Applicators (MultiTest) – Friday – reimbursable

* Sublingual Immunotherapy for Inhalants (SLIT) – Following MultiTest on Friday

* Practical Troubleshooting – Following SLIT on Friday – Round table discussion to answer your questions before you return home

*Concurrent Session – Friday – Diagnosis and Treatment of Food Allergy


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