Our Mission


Pan American Allergy Society is committed to providing continuing medical education in the fields of allergy and sensitivity disorders for physicians and allied health care personnel by planning and implementing excellent educational activities such as training courses, seminars and workshops designed to improve their knowledge, competence, strategies and performance-in-practice resulting in optimal patient care.  Copyright© 2004 Pan American Allergy Society
Last Modified: August 11, 2011

The Mission Statement is reviewed regularly to ensure we are continually working to fulfill our purpose and to achieve our goals.  We strive to provide education opportunities that enhance the knowledge and skills of our attendees, so they may in turn improve the quality of their patients’ lives.  The health care industry is ever-changing.  Physicians, nurses, and allied health care professionals must continually increase their knowledge and skills.  Our purpose is to help them fulfill this need within the areas of allergy and immunology.

Our mission

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Financial information for the Pan American Allergy Society can be requested by calling Ann Brey, Executive Director, at 210-495-9853.