Exhibitor Info

Exhibitor Invitation

Pharmaceutical and health care businesses related to allergy and environmental medicine are welcome at P.A.A.S. conferences.  Space is limited at both events.  The prospectus contains helpful information exhibitors need to know about participating at our events.

The Exhibitor Prospectus for the 2018 Spring Training Course (March 23-24, 2018) is available by clicking here.  It will be held at the beautiful Wyndham Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX.  Please contact Ann Brey at 210-495-9853 or via email at panamallergy@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions about exhibit space.  A link to a copy of the preliminary program is available on the Home and Spring Training Course pages on this website.

Our attendees enjoy interacting with our exhibitors.  They gain knowledge, and have the opportunity to learn what each exhibitor has to offer, in order to learn of products or services that may be of benefit to their practices.  Several of our exhibitors have been part of the allergy industry for many years, and are able to help attendees explore options to help them help their patients.